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Mader's Lawncare & Landscaping

Lawn care & Landscaping
in Alpena, MI

About Us

At Mader's Lawn care & Landscaping, we've got your back when it comes to all things lawn and landscape care. We pay close attention to detail to make sure your lawn looks absolutely pristine, from mowing and edging to thorough fall cleanup and precise bush work.


As the autumn season approaches, trust Mader and his dedicated team for comprehensive fall clean-up offerings. Our expert services go beyond the basics, ensuring meticulous removal of fallen branches and debris, leaving your outdoor space spotless and ready for the winter ahead.


When winter arrives, count on us for prompt and efficient snow removal services, keeping your pathways clear and accessible.

And with spring on the horizon, our team is geared up for rejuvenating your landscape with thorough spring clean-ups, clearing away winter remnants and preparing your outdoor space for the vibrant growth ahead. Whether it's leaf clutter or the beauty of a snow-covered landscape, at Mader's Lawn care & Landscaping, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we'll leave no stone unturned to make your outdoor space shine.

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  • Fall clean-ups: Prepare your property for the winter season with our fall clean-up services. We specialize in efficient leaf pick up, clearing debris, and removing sticks to ensure your outdoor space is pristine and ready for the colder months.

  • Snow removal: Count on us to keep your property safe and accessible during winter. Our snow removal services include prompt and thorough clearing of snow from driveways, walkways, and other crucial areas, allowing you to navigate the winter landscape with ease.

  • Spring clean-ups: Welcome spring with a fresh and revitalized outdoor space. Our spring clean-up services focus on clearing away winter remnants, rejuvenating your landscape, and preparing it for the vibrant growth ahead. Get ready to enjoy the beauty of the season.

  • Tree/bush removal: Elevate your outdoor space with our expert tree and bush removal. Mader's Lawn care & Landscaping ensures safe and efficient removal of unwanted vegetation, whether for project space, disease control, or improved aesthetics. Our skilled team prioritizes precision, leaving your landscape clean and ready for your next endeavor. Choose us for swift and professional tree and bush removal that transforms your outdoor environment.

  • Lawn care: Nurture a lush and healthy lawn with our comprehensive lawn care services. We take pride in offering tailored solutions to promote the vitality of your grass, including mowing, fertilization, weed control, and more. Experience the joy of a well-maintained and vibrant lawn under our expert care.

Why choose us:

  • We're all about know-how: Our team of dedicated experts knows the ins and outs of fall clean-up like the back of their hand.

  • We're all about the nitty-gritty: Expect spotless results that don't miss a single nook or cranny.

  • We're all about timing: Count on us for quick solutions that fit your schedule.

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we serve the following areas:


presque isle

hubbard lake



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